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I admit, this wasn't a holiday as when I took these pictures I actually lived in Munich. But it was a very nice afternoon so it was almost like a holiday. I started with a visit to the gardens of the Nympenburger Schloss and on my way home I passed the Maximilianeum and the Friedensengel at the Isar. For anyone not living in Munich (come to think of it, for anyone living in Munich as well) I recommend a visit to the Nymphenburger Schloss and it's gardens on a sunny autumn afternoon.
An alley in the park
Starting point was the Nymphenburger Schloss:
Schloss Nymphenburg from the front Schloss Nymphenburg from the back
View over a lake in the park Another view over the same lake
The Apollotempel - viewed from the distance The Apollotempel - a closer look
The Pagodenburg A branch hanging over a lake
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It was late afternoon when I passed the Maximilianeum and the Friedensengel overlooking the Isar on my way home:
The Friedensengel
The Maximilianeum viewed from Maximilianstrasse The Maximilianeum overlooking the Isar
The Isar with the Deutsches Museum in the distance Another view of the Friedensengel (two weeks earlier)