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Picture of two tall ships at the pier, the Sir Winston Churchill and the Malcolm Miller Picture of a copper ship's bellI joined the Malcolm Miller in Greenock, which is just west of Glasgow at the Clyde. On the left the Malcom Miller (front) with her sister ship, the Sir Winston Churchill (back). After an initial tour of the ship and an initial training on the safety procedures we spent the first night in Greenock. On the right a picture of the well polished ship's bell of the Malcolm Miller.
The next day we had some more training and then set off down the Firth of Clyde, below right an impression of the water and hills (I think the hills might be the Trossachs, but I'm not sure)
Picture of a tall at the pier in Stornoway Picture of a view over some water, hills in the background

To the left a picture of the Malcolm Miller in Stornoway (the Endeavour was on the other side of the pier). Sailing on the ship obviously makes it difficult to obtain pictures of the ship outside of a harbour. Below is a picture a friend sent me, this picture was taken on a different journey though:

Picture of the Malcolm Miller in calm seas at SpitzbergenOn the right a picture of the Malcolm Miller at Spitzbergen/Norway.

A few facts about the Malcolm Miller for those interested: The ship was built in Aberdeen in 1968, funded mainly by Sir James Miller who named the ship in memory of his son who died in a road crash. The Malcolm Miller is 46 metres long and 8.5 metres wide. It has a draught of 5 metres with the masts more than 30 metres high. These can carry a sail area total of more than 800 square metres. A full crew consists of 55 people. And that's enough facts.