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Tower with a flag at Schloss AuerbachA tree growing on the top of the wallA view over the castle with a second castle in the background
Armin bending over to look past the treeMuch too quick the last day of my visit had arrived and I had to be at the airport in Frankfurt in the afternoon. We decided to drive along the Bergstrasse ("Mountain- road") on the way to Frankfurt instead of using the motorway. It runs along the mountains of the Pfalz all the way from Heidelberg to Frankfurt. And it is lined by multiple castles. We decided to stop at Schloss Auerbach.
Schloss Auerbach is probably best known for its medieval games, but there were none when we visited it. So we just climbed up to the one tower open to the public for a look around. We found the tree growing on top of one of the buildings quite interesting...
Imke on the stairs in front of the big hall
The big hall at Schloss Auerbach Rain on the way to Frankfurt
And then it was only rain until Frankfurt...
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