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In mid-September 2001 I visited my sister in Heidelberg, the return visit after her visit to England in October 2000. A big Thank you to her for organising a very nice long weekend in Heidelberg and around. I started my journey from the small airport in Bristol, where we had a very nice view over Bristol Channel just after take-off (below right).
Looking back to the terminal at Bristol Airport View over Bristol Channel shortly after take-off
Arriving in Frankfurt/MainOn arriving in Frankfurt (a view over the skyline on the left) my sister picked me up at the airport.

For the next few days she had prepared a very nice program and took me to various places in and around Heidelberg.

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The places we visited (in chronological order):

And then it was time to fly back to England again. Below two pictures from Frankfurt Airport while I was waiting for the plane to take me back to Bristol.
You can see the planes coming in to land and then touch down on the runway.
The return flight to Bristol was very nice, but the best part was after the arrival: 15 minutes after we had landed I was in my car on my way home. The advantage of a small airport, no way you can be so quick at Heathrow or Gatwick...

Plane approaching the runway to land Planes at Frankfurt Airport