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During October 1999 it was time for a day trip to Ingolstadt to visit my aunt Brigitte and my uncle Werner. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good, so we had to be content with a short walk through the town centre and visits to churches and and a car exhibition.
Paintings in the Asam-Kirche
More details in the Asam-Kirche
More detail in the Asam-Kirche
River Donau / Danube
The Donau / Danube flowing through Ingolstadt
Old defence buildings
Parts of the old town defence, now a nice recreational area
The castle
The castle viewed over the Donau/Danube
Salamander building
Old building facade in the town centre
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Audi is celebrating 50 years in Ingolstadt this year (1999). This exhibition gives an overview on the cars developed and built during these 50 years. Starting with the first motorbike and finishing with the brand new Audi TT roadster (not even on the market when I write this in early October 1999)

Auto Union car from the 1950s
An Auto Union car
A DKW, similar to my mother's first car
Audi TT roadster convertible
The new Audi TT roadster convertible