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Picture of Corfe CastleCorfe Castle is a picturesque village with beautiful old buildings. The ruins of the old castle majestically tower over the village. It was destroyed after withstanding a Cromwellian siege for six weeks: Lady Bankes defended the castle only to be betrayed by one of her own men...

From Corfe Castle a steam train leaves to Swanage, unfortunately I missed it so can't show you any pictures here.

Below Corfe Castle seen through trees on the way from the visitors parking to the village.
Picture of Corfe Castle seen through some treesParking in the village is very limited, visitors should park outside of the village in the designated car park and walk the short distance to the village Picture of a cottage in Corfe Castle

A beautiful cottage in Corfe Castle

Picture of the ruins of Corfe Castle over the villageThe ruins of Corfe Castle towering over the village. The pub in front is called "The Greyhound", according to one of my guidebooks it serves excellent seafood.
Picture of water running down an old mill stream

Another beautiful cottage with colourful flowers:

Picture of a beautiful cottage with colourful flowers