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Picture of stones on a beach Picture of waves breaking on a beach and rocks
My second day on the Isle of Islay took me to Kilchiaran Bay and the Coultoon Stone Circle. Kilchiaran Bay can be reached via the single track road from Port Charlotte. There's also the ruin of an old chapel, but I had already visited it on a previous visit.

Above two pictures from the beach and the waves breaking as they reach the beach. To the right a "self-portrait" of me in Kilchiaran Bay.

Below two pictures overlooking the bay. Left from just above the bay, just before the road turns away. Right from quite a bit higher, on the road towards Portnahaven.
Picture of Armin, a bay in the background
Picture of a view over a bay, waves coming in Picture of a view over a coastline with a bay
Picture of a standing stoneMy second stop was Coultoon Stone Circle. Obviously not as impressive as Avebury or Stonehenge, but still worth a short visit if you are on Islay anyway. Driving from Kilchiaran to Portnahaven the stone circle is on the right hand side of the road, just past the entrance to Coultoon farm. If you reached the turn-off to Lossit you are way too far. Picture of several fallen over standing stonesOnly one of the stones is still standing, all the others are fallen down or even broken up. Nevertheless, you can still recognise the circle easily.
Picture giving an idea of the stone circle Picture of fallen standing stones

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