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Picture of the steamer Sir Walter Scott in the fog
The closer I got to Loch Katrine, the more dense the fog. When I arrived at Loch Katrine you could may be see for about 50 yards, not more. Above the Sir Walter Scott almost disappearing in the fog. During the summer months this steam ship takes you around the loch, obviously there were no trips on this day...
Picture of a spiders web with dew clinging to itQuite a few people were around nevertheless, using the opportunity of a walk along the private road at the banks of the loch. The fog created some interesting effects at the spiders webs hanging in the rail (picture on the right). It was nearly impossible to see anything on the water though, you could just about make out some of the islands (below).
Picture of an island in Loch Katrine in the fog Picture of a rail along a road with an island in a loch in the background just visible in the fog
Picture of a view over a landscape in the evening sun, low fog in the distance After a very nice walk I returned to my car and via Callander (a view of the scenery near Callander on the right) drove back to Glasgow. The next day I had planned to do some Christmas shopping in Glasgow before leaving for the long drive back to Swindon.

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