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Sunday morning greeted me with beautiful sunshine and a lovely view from my hotel room (picture below). After a good breakfast I left for the Trossachs, driving along the A81 towards Aberfoyle. Already shortly after leaving Glasgow I was able to enjoy some very nice views of the hills in the winter sun (picture on the right).
Picture of a view over Glasgow in the morning sun
Picture of a view to a hill and tree somewhere at the A81 north of GlasgowI also passed the Glengoyne distillery on my way (picture below left), but only stopped for a quick picture without a tour of the distillery. Continuing my drive along the A81 I made my way towards the Trossachs when the first fog patches started to appear. I stopped just before Aberfoyle to take the picture below right of a tree in the fog.
Picture of the Glengoyne distillery
My next stop after Aberfoyle was the visitor centre for the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in the hills just above Aberfoyle. From here I had an excellent view over the hills and the valleys, some still hidden in the fog (picture below left). I also had lunch at the visitor centre and enjoyed sitting outside in the winter sun.
Picture of a tree in the fogSome of this fog was going to stay for the whole day, in particular in some of the valleys. Soon I arrived in Aberfoyle for a short stop and orientation (sorry, no pictures from Aberfoyle).
Picture of a view from the visitor centre near Aberfoyle over hills in the haze Picture of Armin at the visitor centre
Picture of a view towards the hills behind the visitor centreDue to restoration work the forest paths were closed, so I left and drove on through the hills towards Loch Katrine. Picture of a road in the Trossachs, clear blue sky above

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