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Picture of the bottling facility at Bruichladdich Picture of me filling my own bottle
My first stop on my birthday was Bruichladdich distillery. I had already completed a distillery tour when it reopened a few years ago, so this time I only visited the new bottling facility. Then it was time for my own birthday present: I filled my own bottle of cask strength single malt whisky using the valinch, the bottle was then labelled and signed by the distillery manager.
Picture of Port Askaig
Picture of the ferry coming in
Picture of Port Askaig post office
From Bruichladdich I leisurely made my way to Port Askaig, stopping in various places on the way. I arrived very early in Port Askaig, allowing me to look around for a while and take a few pictures.

Port Askaig is a tiny place with only a handful of houses including the Port Askaig Hotel and post office & shop. To get down to Port Askaig (or out of Port Askaig, depending on your destination) there is only a quite steep road winding up the cliffs overlooking the Sound of Islay.

The Islay lifeboat is also stationed here, right next to the pier. Soon the ferry came into view, arriving from Kennacraig. Then it was time to say good bye to Islay again, as we left Port Askaig early in the afternoon.

Picture of Port Askaig from the ferry
Picture of the Sound of Islay
Picture of the sun shining over the sea The ferry crossing was very nice, with the sea glistening in the warm sun I stayed outside for the whole crossing. From Kennacraig I drove to Cairndow at the top of Loch Fyne, where I enjoyed a very nice birthday dinner at the Loch Fyne Oysters restaurant.
Picture of Loch Fyne
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