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Picture of the path up to the Old Man of StorrHaving arrived on the Isle of Skye the previous afternoon we now had a full day for some hiking. After a good breakfast at Kinloch Lodge we drove up north, stopping only in Portree, to the Trotternish peninsula. The weather was very nice, sunny and warm. Unfortunately it was quite hazy, so visibility wasn't perfect. But still good enough for some great views. We made our way to the parking area under the Old Man of Storr.Picture of a view over the Old Man of Storr It almost felt like rush hour on the path up to the Old Man of Storr, a lot of other walkers were using the excellent weather as well. Somewhere half way up the hill my mother and I split up, she had decided to only go up as far as just past the Old Man of Storr while I was going further up to The Storr. Most of the other walkers didn't go further than just under the famous pinnacle, so I was largely on my own once I had turned north passing the Old Man of Storr on the right. I met one other group on their way down from The Storr, but that was about it. From here I had fantastic views in various directions, a few impressions below:
Picture of a view south Picture of walkers of the Old Man of Storr
Picture of the Trotternish Ridge
In particular the view south was fantastic, if you have a fast connection you can view a QuickTime VR panorama of the view south from The Storr (note: 2.3MB). A preview of the panorama below.
Picture of the view from The Storr
I spent quite a lot of time on the summit just enjoying the views from The Storr, 719m/ 2358ft high. Very quiet and relaxing, almost no sounds. Just the wind and maybe sometimes a sheep. Well, and my own steps and own breath.
Picture of Armin on The Storr
Picture of the Old Man of Storr
All too soon it was time to turn around and walk down again. Past the Old Man of Storr in the warm evening sun I returned to the car, meeting up with my mother on the way. The day finished with another very nice dinner at Kinloch Lodge.
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