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A QuickTime VR panorama of a view south over Colonsay from Carnan Eoin. In the haze the Sound of Islay and the hills on the north of Islay. To the right the hills in the north east of Colonsay. Then the woodlands where Colonsay House with its woodland garden is located. Behind it in the distance Dùn Eibhinn, Scalasaig is just behind it (not visible). The track just below leads on to Balnahard. Behind the woodlands you can just make out Loch Fada in front some hills (going from left to right). Finally Kiloran Bay comes into view, Beinn an Sgoltaire on the other side of the bay.

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama.

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