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Picture of a view of the Isle of Jura

We woke up to beautiful sunshine on our second day on Colonsay. The sea was glistening in the sun, the silhouette of the Isle of Jura in the haze on the horizon. Past Loch Fada and Colonsay House we drove to the north west of Colonsay, our destination for the day was Kiloran Bay. This bay is one of the most photogenic I know of. An impression below, you can also view a QuickTime VR panorama of Kiloran Bay (1MB download, but it's worth it).

Picture of a panoramic view over Kiloran Bay
Picture of Imke sitting on some rocks Soon we were down at the beach, admiring the golden sand and the waves coming in from the Atlantic. Across the beach we walked to the far end of the bay, where we settled behind some rocks to protect us against a fairly cold wind.

While my sister stayed at the beach, walking along the beach and letting the waves wash over her feet, I walked on to Carnan Eoin. While not particularly high it is the highest peak on the Isle of Colonsay.

The walk up is fairly straightforward: First follow the track towards Balnahard. Leave the track where a telephone line crosses and follow the poles up the hill. Soon you'll see a footpath climbing up the western side of Carnan Eoin, just follow it until you reach the cairn at the summit.

Picture of Carnan Eoin overlooking Kiloran Bay Picture of the cairn at the summit of Carnan Eoin

From the summit of Carnan Eoin I had a very nice view south over Colonsay and Kiloran Bay (QuickTime VR panorama). On the horizon I could see Islay and Jura, then most of central Colonsay as well as Kiloran Bay just below me:

Picture of a panoramic view over Colonsay
Picture of the view to Jura
Picture of the fish drawing
The view to Jura was impressive as well, I could see the silhouette of the whole island in the haze. The Paps of Jura towards the south of Jura overshadow everything though, visiting them is still on my to-do list for the next few years.

Another interesting feature can be seen looking north-west: I don't know anything about it, why it was made, who made it and when, but you can see the outline of a large fish (may be a whale?) carved into the ground or laid out with stones near Balnahard.

After a while I made my way back down to the beach where we had a picnic and then just enjoyed the sun and the waves.

Picture of waves breaking in Kiloran Bay

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