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Picture of woods and coastline with Sanda in the distance Picture of the plain near Southend on Kintyre
Picture of riders on the beachPicture of the view from the back of a horse when riding in the waterAll too soon it was our last day of riding in Kintyre. The ride today took us to Dunaverty Bay near Southend. From Homeston Farm we left into the forests to the south of the farm. After a while we could see the sea in the distance, the Isle of Sanda, close to our destination, was also visible. We then made our way down to the coast and to Dunaverty Bay.

Riding through the water and galloping along the beach in Dunaverty Bay was very nice. Soon Lorna arrived with our lunch, which we enjoyed at the beach. The horse we given free run of the beach, although some decided to join us during our lunch. I guess the apples were quite tempting. After lunch it was back onto the horses to start the way back to Homeston.

Picture of people and horse having lunch at Dunaverty Bay Picture of the coastline near Dunaverty Bay
Picture of a view of High GlenadalePicture of horses gallopingOur way back took us through High Glenadale, where we had another opportunity for a long gallop. Everyone enjoyed the space and letting the horses run. Finally we arrived back at Homeston Farm for the last time this holiday.

Early in the evening my brother arrived from his week on the Isle of Arran. The last excellent dinner at Homeston Farm before we sat down to look at pictures from our weeks. And then it was time for an early night for all: The others had to travel back to Glasgow tomorrow while we were going to the Isle of Islay.

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