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Picture of a rider in high fernPicture of riders on the cliffs high above the waterAs the repair of the Landrover unfortunately took a bit longer than expected the rides had to change to local rides. Today we rode out to the cliffs. Through Lochorodale Forest and around Cnoc Moy we arrived at the coast. It was mainly cross country, at best along a few sheep paths.

Then it was down the cliffs and hills until we reached as small bay at the bottom of the cliffs. This was also the place where we let the horses rest and had our lunch. After lunch I walked around the bay and took a variety of pictures of the bay and its residents: Lots of goats (and some sheep).

Picture of a bay at the bottom of the cliffs Picture of horses with the cliffs in the background
Picture of the grave of the unknown seamanPicture of wild goatsAt one end of the bay is the grave of an unknown seaman. He was washed ashore and died here in 1916. A simple grave with a white cross remembers him. The inscription on the cross reads "God knows - 17 May 1916".

After a while it was time to ride back to Homeston. We rode up the hills and cliffs again, crossing a burn on the way. Soon we arrived back on top of the cliffs, then it was back to Homeston Farm through the woods.

Picture of riders approaching and crossing a burn Picture of riders arriving on the top of the hills

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