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A panorama of a cloudy view south east from Ben Vane. I'm not entirely sure at which height, I think just below the summit. On the left Loch Sloy with its dam, also a few hillwalkers on their way down. Behind Loch Sloy is Ben Vorlich, mostly hidden by the clouds. In the centre of the panorama Loch Lomond, you can also just make out Loch Arklet behind it. Ben Lomond would be visible on a clear day, but is hidden behind the clouds here. Turning right A'Chrois comes into view (or what is visible of it through the clouds). On the far right the sun is trying to break through the clouds...

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama.

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