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My last morning in Scotland before leaving for the drive back to Swindon turned out to be a rainy one. It rained for almost the whole morning, sometimes more, sometimes less. I spent large parts of the morning in Glasgow's various book shops, spending too much money as usual. Late in the morning I arrived at the German Christmas Market in St Enoch Square, a new event for Glasgow. I had some Glühwein (mulled wine) before moving on to a stall selling Bratwurst (sausage). Here I had an early lunch, talking with the two Germans working on it. Different to the pictures below they told me it was big success and that they were really busy especially over lunch and in the evenings.
Picture of a sausage stall Picture of the German Christmas Market
They were right, as I finished my sausage it started to get busier with people from the various offices starting to turn up for their lunch break. For me lunch as well as this visit to Scotland was over and I walked back to my car to leave for the long drive back to Swindon, England.

To finish a few links, books and maps I found helpful during this long weekend:

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