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When I woke up in Carlisle it was foggy. During my morning run it was foggy. When I left Carlisle after breakfast it was still foggy. It was also foggy when I arrived at the border. Then it cleared up on and I became more optimistic. Only to be disappointed again when arriving in Glasgow in the fog...
Picture of the border from the motorway in fog Picture of the M8 in Glasgow shrouded in fog
What now? Driving directly to the hotel and spending the afternoon in Glasgow? Or taking a risk and driving out to Arrochar, hoping that the fog might lift? I decided to take a risk, which turned out to be the right decision: I had to drive slightly further than Arrochar, but when I drove into Glen Croe just past Ardgartan the fog started to lift and soon a beautiful blue sky appeared. I parked at Rest and be Thankful, changed into my walking gear and started my ascent up Beinn an Lochain.
Picture of Glen Croe Picture of Loch Restil
I climbed along the southern side of Beinn an Lochain, which gave me good views into Gleann Mór. There was still quite a lot of fog at the bottom of the glen, making the view from above very interesting. Unfortunately clouds started to move in now, although it was still nice enough to continue. I then reached a plateau near the summit, where I decided not to walk much further. With the clouds starting to move in, the fog potentially coming back and the it being fairly late in the afternoon I didn't want to risk having to walk back in the dark on fairly rough ground.
Picture of Gleann Mor Picture of the summit of Beinn an Lochain
From near the summit I had a fantastic view over the glens east of Beinn an Lochain. I could see into Glen Kinglas to the north, Rest and be Thankful as well as Glen Croe to the south east. This panorama is also available as QuickTime VR panorama of the view from Beinn an Lochain (1MB download).
Picture of a panoramic view over several glens from Beinn an Lochain
Picture of The Cobbler in the late afternoon sun With the light fading rapidly I started to make my way back to Rest and be Thankful. Through the occasional breaks in the clouds the sun gave some very nice light, on the right The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) in the late afternoon sun.

I made it back to the car just in time before it got dark. Then it was time to drive to Glasgow to check in at the hotel and a hot shower before going out for a meal.

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