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December 2005, after the visits in April and August this was going to be my last visit to Scotland in 2005. A long weekend spent in Glasgow and around, shopping and hillwalking. Mainly hillwalking, even though the weather wasn't as good as I had hoped for.
After driving up from Swindon the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning I arrived in Glasgow on Thursday afternoon. Picture of stalls at a Christmas market
Picture of a road along a loch The clouds didn't lift as I had hoped so I just walked along Loch Katrine on the Friday afternoon.
While still not perfect the weather had improved on Saturday so I decided to tackle Ben A'an, overlooking Loch Katrine. The views weren't perfect but still impressive, you can also try a QTVR panorama of the view from Ben A'an over Loch Katrine. Picture of a view up a hill
Picture of a hill top surrounded by clouds On Sunday the sun finally broke through and I went hillwalking again, Beinn an Lochain was my goal this time. Great views despite a "fog scare" during the walk, for a large view try the QTVR panorama of a view south west from Beinn an Lochain.
Monday, the last day. Another visit to the German Christmas Market before driving back to Swindon. Picture of a German sausage booth