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Picture of bags in the boot of a car Saturday, time to start the long journey back to Swindon. After a good breakfast and changing a tyre (unfortunately I had a puncture) I checked out at the Port Charlotte Hotel. The morning and early afternoon was then spent saying good bye to Ian Brooke at Kilchoman, picking up my pre-ordered beer at Islay Ales and dropping by at Persabus Pottery for a chat.

By lunchtime persistent rain had set in, making it much easier to leave Islay after all the good weather earlier during the week. Leaving with the afternoon ferry I arrived on the mainland early in the evening. Less than two hours later I checked in at the Village Inn in Arrochar, where I also had my dinner.

My mother called with birthday wishes and with a wee dram of Laphroaig and some chocolate the day ended.
Picture of a guest house Picture of a view over a car park, a loch and some hills behind it
Sunday morning I had a nice view over Loch Long in the morning sun, after a nice run along the loch and a good breakfast I left for the long drive to Swindon. The journey went quite well and late in the afternoon I arrived back in Swindon.

That's all from me for the WalkIslay 2006 walking week, I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. Many many thanks to Ian Brooke, all the walk leaders, drivers and everyone else who helped to organise the week! I'll be back in 2007...

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