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My third day in Wester Ross still didn't bring the better weather I was hoping for. Time for more relaxing and reading in the morning and early afternoon, this time I finished One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre.

Later in the afternoon it seemed to clear up a bit and I decided to get out a bit. Initially my plan was to visit the Victoria Falls, but the car park for it seemed to have been closed, so I quickly changed my destination to Slattadale.

The 'road' to the car park was quite rough, but the views over Loch Maree were quite nice despite the low clouds. There were bright spots where the sun was breaking through in some places, I could see the rain coming down in other areas. I decided to go for a short walk on the path to Poolewe, soon reaching and crossing Slattadale River.
Picture of a view over a loch (lake), tree in the foreground
Picture of a view over a loch (lake), low clouds above Picture of a river flowing through trees and bushes
Picture of a trees on a mossy groundPicture of a path leading through treesAfter crossing Slattadale River the path initially followed the shore of Loch Maree, in better weather there should be some views over the various islands in this part of the loch.

Soon the path left the shore and turned into the woods. While occasionally muddy and wet the path was very well maintained, making it very easy walking. All the green made it a quite calm and relaxing experience, also the fresh air with the forest smells.

At An Doire the path went out into the open again, giving a quite nice view over Loch Maree despite the rain I could see in the distance on the north-eastern shore of the loch. You can also view a QuickTime VR panorama of a rainy Loch Maree:
Picture of a panoramic view over a loch (lake), rain in the distance

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