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Picture of Islay Airport terminal My sister had left for Kintyre on the Saturday, on the Monday it was time for my parents to return to Germany after a very nice week on Islay. The previous evening we had gone for a very nice dinner at the Port Charlotte Hotel, enjoying the excellent food and hospitality.

We left Kilchoman early in the morning to drive over to Islay Airport at Glenegedale. It was a beautiful morning with bright sunshine, but a brisk wind. Nice views over Loch Indaal during our drive to the airport provided a nice farewell to my parents.

Once in the air my parents were treated to some brilliant views of Islay from the air, like the view over Laggan Bay and towards The Oa below. The rest of their journey was uneventful and they arrived home in Bremen later in the day.
Picture of a plane at Islay airport Picture of a wide bay on Islay seen from the plane
Picture of a round church with a churchyard My next stop was Bowmore, turning into the lane behind the church leading to Cruach. From here I hoped to get some nice views over Bowmore and Loch Indaal. I stopped near the entrance to the cemetery, looking for some good vantage points.

The Round Church dominates the view from up here, sitting on the top of Bowmore's Main Street. Bowmore is planned village, built as a replacement for Killarow, which was moved away from Islay House. It is said the church is round to give the devil no corners to hide in.

The view over Bowmore and Loch Indaal was excellent, with the Paps of Jura nicely visible in the distance. For a better view try the Quicktime VR panorama of Bowmore and Loch Indaal, which gives a much better impression of the view:
Picture of a panoramic view of a coastal village (Bowmore on the Isle of Islay) with a round church in the foreground. A large sea loch (Loch Indaal) in the background
Picture of a view over a choppy sea loch with some large mountains in the distance Picture of three large round shaped mountains (The Paps of Jura) seen across a sea loch
Picture of a view over sea loch behind a pier, a coastal village under a hill visible on the other side Driving along Shore Street I stopped in the layby towards the eastern end of the village, from where I had excellent views over Loch Indaal and the shore side of Bowmore. The Paps of Jura were towering over the landscape in the distance, providing a dramatic background to the scenery.

Port Charlotte below Beinn Tart a'Mhill as well as Bruichladdich were nicely visible on the western side of Loch Indaal. Several other people stopped in the same place to enjoy the views and take pictures, it was really a very nice day for it.

The view over Bowmore with Bowmore distillery and the pier was very nice, for a better view you might want to try the Bowmore Shore and Pier Quicktime VR panorama, Isle of Islay:
Picture of a panoramic view over a coastal village (Bowmore on the Isle of Islay) with its pier
Picture of a coastal village seen across a beachy shore at low tide My last stop for the morning was at the top of Loch Indaal for another view over to Bowmore. As it was low tide the golden sands of Tràigh Cill an Rubha provided a nice and colourful contrast to the pale blue sky and the green vegetation.

Later in the year this area would be full of geese and other birds visiting for the winter. But for now it was just a peaceful wide open space with expansive views.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon I spent in the cottage at Kilchoman, just relaxing and reading.
If you are interested in more information about Islay, Colonsay and Jura you might also be interested in my Isle of Islay pages. There you will find many more pictures and further information about Islay, Jura and Colonsay.

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