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Picture of the remains of wreck in the sand of a sea loch in front of a village Having said good bye to my parents in the morning I relaxed at the cottage the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Later in the afternoon I went for a run in Machir Bay, a very windy run as it turned out.

Early in the evening I drove over to Bowmore for some quick shopping I hadn't thought of earlier in the day. With just myself left in the cottage now I didn't need to buy much, but still had to replenish some of the basics.

Driving back from Bowmore around Loch Indaal I had some very nice views over the loch and Bowmore in the mild evening sun. It was low tide and the remains of a wreck were visible in the sand at the top of a loch. Bowmore looked very nice in the warm light, you might want to try the Quicktime VR panorama of Bowmore on the shore of Loch Indaal on Islay:
Picture of a panoramic view over a coastal village on the shore of a sea loch
Picture of a large white house in the mild evening sun It was a quite clear evening, the view over to Bowmore from Blackrock was very nice. Not much haze disturbing the view. The stiff breeze probably helped as well.

From near Carnain I a very nice view back to Islay House at the top of Loch Indaal. While some parts of the house were already in the shade behind the trees others were lit up by the evening sun. An impressive view across the mud flats at this part of the loch, the white facade in the green.

While it was still far too early for the sunset (that was still almost 2 hours away) I decided to drive over to Saligo Bay for a view of the bay in the evening light. Arriving at Saligo the light was promising, Saligo Cottage looking very nice with the Kilchoman Crags in the distance. Walking through the dunes my expectations were raised further.
Picture of a stone cottage near a shore, crags in the distance behind it Picture of a track leading into dunes
Picture of a bay with a golden sandy beach as well as rocky cliffs I wasn't going to be disappointed: Coming over the top of the dunes I was welcomed with a beautiful view in fantastic light. The low sun bathed the beach and the dunes in a mild and warm light.

It was quite windy still, waves coming in from the Atlantic swell were crashing over the low rocks, sending spray high into the air. The wind took the spray away, making the air smell salty. Walking on the beach was like being sandblasted, the wind blowing sand along the shore at some force.

In short: It was wonderful.
Picture of waves crashing over a rocky shore Picture of birds over a breaking waves in the evening light

I spent quite a bit of time exploring the bay under these fantastic conditions, down on the beach as well as on top of the dunes. The view over the bay was great, the same yet so different from what we had seen a few days earlier. For a better view of how the bay looked in the evening you might want to try the Quicktime VR panorama of the view over Saligo Bay in the evening light:

Picture of a panoramic view over a bay in the evening light
Picture of seaweed on rocks with waves crashing over further rocks in the distance Down at the southern end of the bay, where Saligo River runs into the sea, I discovered some seaweed shining brightly in the low evening light. The bright green looked quite nice against the backdrop of the waves crashing over the rugged cliffs.

Looking north along the beach the distinctive shape of the cliffs at Dùn Bheolain (sometimes also known as Opera House Rocks, some people are reminded of the famous opera house in Australia by them) towered over the landscape. They probably look best in this light.

Back on the beach the smooth and sandblasted rocks throwing their long shadows looked very nice against the golden sand. With this last view I said good bye for this evening and returned to the cottage at Kilchoman for a late dinner.
Picture of a view along a beach with some distinctly shaped rocks in the distance Picture of some smooth rocks and stones on a beach
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