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Picture of grey skies over a house in front of some crags After the fantastic weather on the Monday the weather on the Tuesday turned out to be rather grey. So I stayed at the cottage to relax a bit after a busy week with my parents and sister.

I read books and newspapers, watched too much television and generally chilled out. Around lunchtime I went for a run at Kilchoman Beach in Machir Bay, not too exciting in the grey weather but still nice in the fresh air.

With the rain getting stronger I decided to stay in the cottage for the afternoon and lit a fire in the open fireplace. Soon the fire was roaring away, providing some nice warmth and making it very comfortable. I just watched the flame, sipping on a good Islay Single Malt and relaxed.
Picture of an open fire in a fireplace Picture of an open fire in a fireplace, coal glowing red
Picture of a developing rainbow above a house in front of crags Picture of a closer look at a colourful rainbowI think the guests at all the other cottages had also stayed at Kilchoman, at least that's what it sounded like when all of the sliding doors opened later in the afternoon at pretty much the same time. The reason?

While it was still raining over the crags suddenly some blue sky had appeared above the cottages and the sun started to break through.

Not very surprisingly this resulted in a fantastic full rainbow developing above the Kilchoman Crags and Kilchoman House. Everyone came out to admire the rainbow and take pictures before it disappeared again. It's not one of my better panoramas, but for a bigger view you can try the Quicktime VR panorama of the rainbow over Kilchoman, Islay:
Picture of a bright rainbow above a house and crags
Picture of a full rainbow above crags and a house
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