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Picture of the path approaching the gatehouse of Raglan Castle with the gatehouse towering over it Picture of Raglan Castle, Great Tower on the left, gatehouse towards the right
Picture of an old bay window (no glass)Picture of Armin and Imke on the Great TowerRaglan Castle (or Castell Rhaglan in Welsh) is in the south east of Wales, next to the A40 between Monmouth and Abergavenny. I visited it in June 2003 with my sister on the way to the Cwmfforest Riding Centre.

The Castle was begun in 1435 by Sir William ap Thomas on the site of a former Roman motte with the Great Tower. His son William Herbert continued the work with further additions including the gatehouse with more changes made well into the mid-16th century. In 1646 the castle was under siege for eleven weeks before falling to Cromwell's forces. The castle (in particular the Great Tower) were then partly destroyed by his demolition team. It's still possible to climb the tower today though for great views over the castle and the surrounding hills.

Picture of a bridge over a moat Picture of the ruins of the castle, Great Tower in the background

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