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At the entrance to the hangar with the planes In the hangar: A De Havilland and a DC 3
With the Science Museum Wroughton being at Wroughton Airfield you would expect a few planes. And you wouldn't be disappointed: One of the first planes you'll see is a Lockheed 749 Constellation (the rear of the plane above left). Then you'll find a De Havilland Dragon Orcadian (above and below right) from 1933. Also from 1933 is the Boeing 247D (bottom left).

An interesting "flying machine" is pictured below left: This one man engine-less construction was pulled behind German submarines to allow it's passenger to look out for enemy ships. As far as I understand the little rotor lifted it up like a helicopter.

One of the first exhibits of the Science Museum is a Douglas DC-3 from 1936, which was delivered to the Museum in 1979 (pictures top right and bottom right)
A mini-helicopter... The De Havilland Dragon Orcadian
A Boeing 247D from 1933 A Douglas DC3

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