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Islay has many beautiful beaches with Machir Bay, Saligo Bay, Lossit Bay, The Big Strand, Claggain Bay or Kilnaughton Bay just to name a few. It is quite difficult to capture the real atmosphere, the real mood and the real sounds of a beach in a video. I hope these videos give you at least an impression of some of Islay's beaches:

Evening and Sunset at Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay, Scotland (7:12 minutes)

An evening at Saligo Bay on the west coast of the Isle of Islay in Scotland.

After a beautiful sunny day we drive from Kilchoman to Saligo at just before 9:00 pm. Walking through the dunes at Saligo we reach the beach, where we watch the sun slowly setting over the sea. The moon comes out in a clear sky, illuminating the landscape well after the sun has set.

No ‘mood music’ in this video, just the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the wind blowing in from the sea. Just like it would be if you were on the beach yourself.

A Week at Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay, Islay (3:20 minutes)

In October 2008 I spent a week on the Isle of Islay, Scotland. I stayed at Kilchoman House Cottages, only a short distance away from Kilchoman Beach and Machir Bay. Every ‘morning’ (sometimes quite late in the morning...) I went jogging at Kilchoman Beach. To each of these runs I took a small camera, recording some of the views I had from the beach over Machir Bay.

They included big wild waves, calmer seas, clouds, sunshine, rain, strong winds up to gales, calmer winds, empty beach, other people on the beach, sand in many variations, foam and many more. This video will take you through the week, providing impressions from every day of the week. I hope it will give you a good idea of a week on a beach on Islay in October.

Saligo Bay Sunset (timelapse), Isle of Islay (0:36 minutes)

June sunsets at the west coast of the Isle of Islay are often dramatic, with the colours and clouds changing over the hours it takes from the early evening until late in the evening when the sun finally disappears behind the horizon.

This is a time lapse video of a June sunset at Saligo Bay on Islay, taken over the 2.5 hours from 20:15 hrs to 22:45 hrs. The view is north west from the southern end of the bay, the ‘Opera House Rocks’ are visible in the distance in the north.

It was still light well after this video stops, unfortunately the flash started firing once it got too dark for the camera so I had to abandon "filming" at 22:45.

I hope you enjoyed the videos, if you did feel free to embed them on your website using the code provided by YouTube.