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Picture of the view from the pier up Main Street Picture of Bowmore Distillery seen from the pier
Picture of the round church in Bowmore Bowmore on the shore of Loch Indaal is the capital of Islay. It is one of the earliest to be built on a grid system when it was founded in 1768 as part of a resettlement scheme from the village of Killarow. Towering over Bowmore at the top of Main Street is the Round Church, one of only two in Scotland. Legend has it that the church is round so that the devil can't hide in the corners.

Bowmore is also home to Islay's oldest distillery: Bowmore Distillery, established in 1779. It has a visitor centre and regular tours (including the obligatory dram). Next to it is the Mactaggart Leisure Centre (building on the left in the picture above) with a 25m swimming pool, heated by surplus heat from the distillery.

Picture of Roy's Celtic House Picture of the Islay butcher
Picture of the Harbour InnThe tourist office and most of the shops are located around the main square. For crafts and books Roy's Celtic House (above left) is an excellent choice.
For meat the Islay Butcher Gilbert S Mactaggart is your best choice (above right). And don't forget to say hello to Bertie (he's the statue outside the shop)
There are several hotels and B&Bs in Bowmore, overlooking Loch Indaal are the Harbour Inn (left) and the Lochside Hotel (below). Both also have good restaurants if you want to eat.
Picture of the Lochside Hotel
Shore Street (below left) has a few more shops and homes, before leading out of Bowmore and on to Bridgend. Towards the other side of Bowmore is Islay High School, in a building sometimes mistaken for a distillery due to the pagoda roofs (below right).
Picture of Shore Street in Bowmore Picture of Islay High School