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Have you ever wondered how nice a small business card with an Islay picture on the back would be? Look no further, here's at least one solution to that question:

Using the service provided by I'm offering you the opportunity to print minicards (small business cards, 70mm by 28mm) with various Islay pictures. The cards are two-sided: On one side is the Islay picture you select (or a selection of all pictures, if you prefer), the other side can contain up to six lines of text added by you, e.g. you can add your name and address to use them as small business cards. They cost £9.99 (+ postage) for 100 cards.

Here's how it works: You decide which Islay picture you would like on your card, then click the button next to it. This will take you to the website, where you complete the fields for the back of the card with your text as well as choose the font and colour. Once you're happy click on ‘Next step >’ and decide how many cards you need (minimum is 100) and if you want any accessories. When ready click on ‘Add To Cart >’, then complete the payment process. A few days later (depending on where you are in the world) you receive your cards.

Picture of the sun rising above some crags towering above a golden sandy beach

Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay

An October sunrise over Kilchoman Beach in Machir Bay on the west coast of Islay, clear blue sky above a golden sandy beach.

Picture of the coastal village of Bowmore


A view of the village of Bowmore on the shore of Loch Indaal. Various buildings including the distillery and Islay High School are visible, also parts of Bowmore pier.

Picture of Laphroaig Distillery on Islay in the evening sunshine

Laphroaig Distillery

The famous Laphroaig distillery on the shore of Loch Laphroaig, seen in the mild October evening sun.

Picture of a lighthouse with some distinctly shaped hills in the background

Port Charlotte Lighthouse and the Paps of Jura

A view of Port Charlotte Lighthouse at Loch Indaal with the famous Paps of Jura visible in the distance.

Picture of the ruin of a castle at the top of a small sea loch

Dunyvaig Castle

The ruins of Dunyvaig Castle at the top of Lagavulin Bay on the south coast of Islay.

Picture of a house and a distillery building


An impression of Bruichladdich on the Rinns of Islay, showing An Taigh Osda and Bruichladdich Distillery.

Picture of wild seas with white waves and foam on a rocky shore

Wild Seas at Saligo Bay

Stormy seas at Saligo Bay on the west coast of Islay

Graphic with the text ‘I'd rather be on Islay’ and the outline of the Isle of Islay

I'd rather be on Islay

Just a simple statement if you're not on Islay at the moment: I'd rather be on Islay

Picture of two distinctive mountains seen accross a sound between two islands

Paps of Jura seen over the Sound of Islay

The famous Paps of Jura seen over the Sound of Islay from near Rhuvaal lighthouse.

Picture of a white square lighthouse

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse

Port Ellen's Carraig Fhada Lighthouse seen from the beach at Kilnaughton Bay

Picture of a complete set of Islay minicards

Complete Islay Set

Can't make up your mind which picture to choose? Don't worry, there's a solution for that as well. How about a set of all of them instead (10 cards of each picture will be included in a set of 100 cards):

(The card holders are not included and need to be ordered separately)

Note: I have no visibility of your orders whatsoever, this process is ‘outsourced’ to Please also note my Privacy Policy