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Just to show you another aspect of Islay I took a few pictures of the animals farmers keep on Islay (and neighbouring Jura): Cattle, pigs and sheep. If you visit one of the restaurants on Islay make sure you taste the delicious beef or have some Islay lamb.
Picture of two highland cattle, old with its young
Old and young together on a field below the Paps of Jura
Picture of a highland cow looking into the camera
Something makes me think this one is considering a career in modeling...
Picture of two sheep, one lying on its back
Did this sheep have too much of the good Islay Single Malt whiskies?
Picture of two sheep on a hill over a bay Two sheep on a hill overlooking Machir Bay
Picture of a grown middle white pig surrounded by piglets
Middle white pigs are kept at Lossit Farm on the Dunlossit Estate, having been brought to Islay a few years ago.
Picture of two middle white pigs
The pigs are partly kept for land management (they help improving the ground, I believe), but I'm told their meat also tastes very good.