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Islay being an island you obviously need to travel across the sea to get to it, either by plane or by boat. My preferred method is by boat, the ferry from Kennacraig on the mainland to either Port Ellen or Port Askaig on Islay. With these videos I'm hoping to provide you with some impressions of the journey to Islay, I hope you will enjoy them:

Ferry Crossing to the Isle of Islay, Scotland (8:57 minutes)

A ferry crossing from Kennacraig in Kintyre to Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay with the ‘Isle of Arran’.

During the journey views over the sea to the Isle of Jura and over Islay can be enjoyed. We pass the ‘Hebridean Isles’ on her way from Islay back to the mainland. A fishing boat can be seen at work. Ardbeg and Laphroaig distilleries can be seen on the shore before arriving in Port Ellen.

Car Alarms on Islay Ferry (1:33 minutes)

‘Concert for 17 Car Alarms (and a dog) in D-Minor’:

During a ferry crossing from Kennacraig to Port Askaig on the Isle of Islay on the Calmac ferry Hebridean Isles I noticed a lot of car alarms going off on the car deck. A dog also joined in briefly, probably excited by the noise the cars were making.

The motion sensors in the cars react to the movement and vibrations of the ship, sending them into overdrive. I decided to record some of the action to create this video, allowing you to join in on the fun...

Islay Ferry Crossing Time Lapse (0:24 minutes)

Over two hours of ferry crossing from Kennacraig on the mainland to Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay compressed into 20 seconds. I hope you'll enjoy one of the fastest crossings ever ;-)

This was the evening crossing on 10/Jun/2009, from 17:55 to 20:07 hrs. It was mostly sunny, just a few clouds passing. Not very warm, a fairly chilly wind blowing. The video covers the whole journey, from the departure from Kenncraig to the arrival on Islay. The route takes us from Kennacraig out through West Loch Tarbert, past the Isle of Gigha, over to Islay and finally into Port Ellen.

I hope you enjoyed the videos, if you did feel free to embed them on your website using the code provided by YouTube.