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Most of my pictures from the Isle of Islay only show a small area. On this page I will try to collect pictures showing you a little bit more: My attempts at creating panorama pictures. The first one shows a view over Sanaigmore Bay and the coast line to Ardnave Point:

Panorama picture of the view over Loch Sanaigmore

Here I tried to capture the vast space of Loch Gruinart, looking towards the hills at Gruinart Farm and Kilnave:

Panorama picture of the view over Loch Gruinart

My last panorama shows a view over Loch an t-Sáilein towards Ard Imersay. Sometimes it is possible to see seals here, unfortunately there weren't any when I took the pictures for this panorama.

Panorama picture of the view to Ard Imersay

More to come over time, when I had the chance to take pictures and put them together into a panorama. If you have any suggestions please send me an email and I'll see what I can do during one of my visits to Islay.

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