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For those of you who are missing the Isle of Islay and Scotland too much I thought I provide a little service and create some backgrounds or "wallpapers" as they are sometimes known. You can use them decorate your desktop. Here's how it works: Select the picture you like and click on the link for the size you require. A new window will open and the picture will download, this might take a while (depending on your connection) as they are fairly high resolution and therefore the file size is quite big. Click your right mouse button and select "Set as wallpaper". Done, that's it. If that doesn't work then just save the picture into your directory for wallpapers and set it up from there. Copyright notice: The copyright to these pictures remains with Armin Grewe. Please do not remove the copyright notice from the pictures.

Select from the wallpapers below:

And finally to the interactive bit: I would like to hear from you, especially if you use the wallpapers. What do you think of these wallpapers? Are you using them? Would you like to see any other pictures? Fill in as much as you like in the form below, only the name and email are mandatory fields (So that I can reply to your feedback):
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