The Armin Grewe Homepage
Glasgow School of Art - Renfrew StreetLet's start with what is probably his most famous building, the Glasgow School of Art in Renfrew Street. It was built in two stages 1897-99 and 1907-09. The picture on the right shows the front with the main entrance.
Below a detail of the windows, what looks only decorative actually has a practical purpose: A board can be placed on here to allow for easy cleaning of the windows. Below right a closer view of the entrance with the windows of the directors room above
Detail of the windows The entrance to the Glasgow School of Art
The House for an Artlover

Below left Hill House in Helensburgh, below right Scotland Street School in Glasgow. For more pictures you might want to visit my page about Hill House or my page about the schools Charles Rennie Mackintosh built
Inside the House for an ArtloverTo the left the House for an Artlover in Bellahouston Park, to the right some furniture in its Music Room. For more pictures you might want to visit my other pages about it: Page 1 with the exterior and the Dining Room, page 2 with the Music Room and the Oval Room
Hill House in Helensburgh Scotland Street School