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Picture of a group of riders at the farm Picture of riders on a path through the forest on Kintyre
Unfortunately the Landrover of Homeston Farm had broken down and had to be taken to the garage, so we only went on a half day ride today. We left from Homeston Farm in the morning and made our way into the forests to the south. We used forestry paths but also rode cross country. At one point the ground got very boggy, even Malcolm had to get off his horse to guide the horse out. We also had a nice view over the Sound of Sanda and the Isle of Sanda over the top of the trees. By lunchtime we returned to Homeston Farm.
Picture of a horse and a dismounted rider in the heather Picture of a view over the Sound of Sanda
Picture of the stills during the distillery tour at SpringbankPicture of whisky casksAfter a quick lunch we were on our way again, not on a horse though: We went to visit Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown.

We enjoyed the informative distillery tour giving an overview over the whisky making process. The distillery is privately owned and is one of the few distilleries making everything themselves.

After the tour some of the group returned to Homeston Farm immediately while the rest used the opportunity for a quick look around Campbeltown and some shopping. The rest of the afternoon was free until it was time for dinner.

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