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Picture of the shadow of a rider, taken from the horse Picture of the east coast of Kintyre with Davaar Island
After the drive back to Ugadale we were sitting in the saddle again soon. Along the coast we started, then it was up into the hills, riding south. Among others we had a very nice view south over Kintyre including a view over Davaar Island. We also passed High Park Farm, Sir Paul McCartney's farm near Campbeltown, in the distance.
Picture of High Park Farm, owned by Sir Paul McCartney Picture of horses going through a boggy area
At some point the way became very boggy, we had to dismount and let the horses walk on their own. Some of us walked ahead while the others waited with the horses. After a while they sent the horses to follow us, where we waited for them at the end of the boggy area. We then arrived at Machrihanish Bay again, another opportunity for a nice gallop along the beach. No galloping through Machrihanish though! Finally it was back into the hills to return to Homeston Farm.
Picture of riders arriving in Machrihanish Picture of riders having passed a gate

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