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Picture of a rider mounting a horse Picture of riders riding up a hill with the sea in the background
Picture of a view back from a galloping horsePicture of the horse in front, taken from a galloping horseAfter a good breakfast the Landrover quickly took us back to the horses in Skernish. While the horses had their breakfast we saddled them up and soon we were on our way again.

We followed the coast back to Glenbarr and then turned off into the hills. Partly through the wilderness, partly on forest paths we rode through the forests of Kintyre. On some of the roads we could let the horse run and gallop at full speed.

Our guide Malcolm knows the area very well and always found something interesting to show us. After a while we arrived at Loch Lussa, with Montana being eager to arrive first. But then she didn't have to carry a rider...

Picture of Loch Lussa with a lone horse Picture of a view towards the Isle of Arran
Picture of horses grazing surrounded by chickens Some time in the afternoon we arrived at the east coast of Kintyre, from where we had some nice views of the Isle of Arran (and I could see where my brother had just arrived and would go hillwalking the next day).

Through Saddell Glen, Saddell and past Kildonald Bay we continued to Ugadale. Here we left the horses for the night and returned to Homeston Farm with the Landrover. After another excellent dinner we sat down together, talked and looked at the pictures from the day which I had copied on to my laptop.

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