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Picture of riders on a hillPicture of two riders riding down a hillOur first day of riding in Kintyre, after assigning the horses we set out into the hills above Homeston Farm. From the hills we had excellent views over Machrihanish Bay and even over to Islay. Then it was downhill again to reach the plain between Campbeldown and Machrihanish. Soon we reached Machrihanish Bay, the longest continuous sandy beach in Argyll. Along the beach we galloped until we reached the other end. What a great place to ride!
Picture of horses at the dunes Picture of riders having a picnic on the beach
Picture of riders riding along the shore We also had our picnic/lunch at the beach, enjoying the sun. Along the coast we continued towards Glenbarra, sometimes along the shore, sometimes along the road, sometimes even through the water. We saw seals on the rocks and a variety of seabirds.

We then stopped at a farm in Skernish, where we left the horses for the night. The Landrover of Homeston Farm then took us back to the farm for a shower, an excellent dinner and a well earned rest.

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