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Picture of a large fort
Picture of a lighthouse with people sitting in front it Picture of dolphinsWhile the hillwalking in the Cairngorms had been fantastic my main destination for the first week of my holidays was Wester Ross. After a good breakfast I left for Inverness, where I stopped at the North Kessock Dolphin and Seal Centre. I heard that Chanonry Point would be my best opportunity to see dolphins, so I decided to give it a try.

Picture of dolphinsTurned out I was in luck, although only just: When I arrived at Chanonry Point and got out of the car I saw some dolphins swimming past in the distance. I ran back to the car to get my big lens, then ran back along the beach at the lighthouse. They were quite far away, but I managed to snap at least a few pictures of their fins. I wasn't the only one trying to do that, a quite large number of people had been dolphin watching, several with large binoculars and much stronger lenses than mine. And some managed to get quite close by being on a sailing boat just off Fort George, which dominates the view over the Moray Firth.

Picture of a sailing boat and dolphins
Picture of a waterfall After the dolphins I thought I try to see some salmon again and drove on to Rogie Falls, where I had seen salmon leaping in Summer 2005. I wasn't as lucky this time as the previous year. While I saw a few salmon leaping out of the water there were far fewer than last year, which didn't really give me a chance to take pictures of them.

At least the sun came out, making it mild and pleasant after a fairly grey morning. I had a late lunch at the viewpoint, then walked down to the bridge.

I also climbed down to the river banks for a different view of the waterfall and the suspension bridge. You can also view a QuickTime VR panorama of the view over Rogie Falls and the suspension bridge:
Picture of a panoramic view of a waterfall and a bridge over the river
Picture of a loch (lake), a road beside it Later in the afternoon it was time to complete the journey to Kinlochewe. Back on the A835 I quickly reached Garve and then Gorstan where I turned off on to the A 832 towards Achnasheen.

The landscape now turned very wide and much more lonely, there weren't many houses and also much less traffic. I briefly stopped at Loch a' Chuilinn to stretch my legs and enjoy the view of the afternoon sun being reflected on the water. At Achnasheen I continued on the A832 into Glen Docherty. It was a quick journey on the brand new road until the view point. Unfortunately it had clouded over by now, nevertheless the view towards Kinlochewe and over Loch Maree was impressive. Imagine this view on a clear sunny day...

Early in the evening I arrived at the Kinlochewe Hotel, where I was going to stay for the next few nights.
Picture of a view down a glen (valley), a loch (lake) in the distance Picture of the Kinlochewe Hotel

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