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Picture of walkers walking along a sound between two islands, high hills on the other side of the sound Islay is a heaven for walkers, either independently or in organised walks. Every year in April the annual WalkIslay Islay walking week takes place. This page aims to give you an overview about the week, what to expect and my experiences during the weeks I've been walking on Islay.

The first walking week took place in April 2003, it has been growing in popularity ever since. Walkers from all over the UK have participated in the walks, as well as walkers from (among others) Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and the USA.

While there have been a few rainy days the vast majority of the time the weather has been excellent. I think some of the pictures on this page show the weather we've had.
What to expect:

The walking week is attended by all kinds of people, from beginners to very experienced walkers. There is also a good mix of local people, visitors from the UK as well as from around the world. The walk leaders are local people, always happy to talk about the area and its history. Local participants will happily contribute further information and experiences.

The walks cater for a variety of needs and interests: There are short and easy local walks of 1-2 hours over 2-3 miles as well as strenuous walks over a full day and 10+ miles over rough ground.

The weather is usually early spring weather. Warm clothes are advisable for the morning and late afternoon, there have been quite a few occasions for t-shirts and even once or twice shorts as well.
Picture of a group of walkers approaching a lighthouse
Picture of walkers approaching the summit of a high hill What to bring:

Good walking boots I firmly believe are a must. On most walks there will be at least some quite rough (and quite likely wet) ground to cover, boots are essential for this on both safety and comfort grounds.

Good water- and windproof clothing. While we had many dry days and even a few weeks without a single drop of rain you never know when a heavy shower might hit. Or a cold wind spring up. Be prepared.

An open mind and some good mood. These walks are group activities where you'll meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. It would be sad not to use the opportunity.
Where to read more:

I've been to all WalkIslay walking weeks since the first one in 2003. For many more pictures and my impressions from the individual walks please also visit my travelogues and reports for each year:

Picture of walkers on beach in beautiful sunshine
Picture of walkers crossing a river under the backdrop of some large mountains Upcoming:

The 2010 Islay walking week will take place Sat 10/Apr/2010 to Fri 16/Apr/2010. For the latest updates please visit the WalkIslay website. Many walkers are expected again for lots of great walks!

You can also download a illustrated copy of the WalkIslay 2010 programme with pictures giving you an idea what to expect on the individual walks. See you there?