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View over the old town from the castle View from the castle out of the valley towards Mannheim
From the castle (330 ft/100 m above the river) you have a very nice view over Heidelberg, the Neckar and out of the valley towards Mannheim. The castle was badly damaged by French raids in 1689 and 1693 and by lightning in 1764, so parts of it only exist in ruins. Construction began in the 13th century, but the most notable work was done in the Renaissance period and includes the Otto-Heinrichsbau and the Friedrichsbau wings.
The ruin of a tower at Heidelberg CastleA beautiful facade at the castleAn impression of the courtyard at the Heidelberger Schloss
Armin in front of the remains of a beautiful facade... ...and again from the other side
And with that we conclude our day in Heidelberg. The next day was a return to our childhood: A return to places we visited during a holiday with our parents when we were young children...
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