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Speyer: The cathedral behind some treesSpeyer: The cathedral from the backSpeyer: a monument outside of the cathedral
On our way to refresh some childhood memories in the hills of the Pfalz (Palatinate) we stopped in Speyer for a quick visit to the famous cathedral.
The cathedral was founded in 1030 by the Holy Roman emperor Conrad II. It contains a unique crypt and the tombs of eight German emperors and kings and three empresses.
Another view of the cathedral in Speyer
Speyer: The front of the cathedralWe decided to leave it at a look from the outside though. The high street was very busy due to some kind of farmers market with various agricultural exhibitions. We returned to the Rhine soon (we had parked our car close to it) for a short look at the river before we continued our journey...
Speyer: The high street opposite of the cathedral A ship on the Rhine at Speyer
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