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A view over Gleann Tuath in the north west of the Isle of Islay from the top of Cnoc Uamh nam Fear (128m). We are looking south with Gleann Tuath stretching from the north east to the south west below us. Tràigh Bhàn at the south western end of the glen. The Rinns of Islay stretch out in the distance, if you look closely you'll find Kilchoman. Towards the right of the panorama you can see the distinctly shaped rocks of Dun Bheolain (to some also known as Opera House rocks). Hiding behind it is Saligo Bay, further behind it Machir Bay. Various lower hills behind the glen.

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama. Some areas in the panorama are hotspots, if you move your mouse pointer over them a short explanation will show in the status bar of the panorama window.

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