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Picture of the Port Charlotte Hotel and Main Street Picture of the Port Charlotte Hotel
Picture of the Port Charlotte Lighthouse Port Charlotte on the Rinns of Islay is probably one of the prettiest villages on Islay with its whitewashed houses overlooking Loch Indaal. It was founded in 1828 by Walter Frederick Campbell and named after his mother. Similar to other villages on Islay Port Charlotte used to have a distillery, but it closed in 1929. Some of the distillery warehouses are now used by the Bruichladdich distillery, others house the Islay Wildlife Information Centre.

Just past the Wildlife Centre is the large building of the Port Charlotte Hotel, where I usually stay when I'm on Islay. It also has a very nice restaurant, serving locally produced food.

Looking north east is the nice view of the Port Charlotte Lighthouse and over Loch Indaal (left, this picture is also available as a wallpaper)

Picture of the Museum of Islay Life Picture of a whisky still
Picture of Port Charlotte after a rain shower
Picture of the Lochindaal Hotel
Picture of gardens in Port CharlottePort Charlotte is also home to the Museum of Islay Life, housed in a former church overlooking the village. Among other exhibits you can see an illicit whisky still and other whisky related items.

Port Charlotte has a small pier and two small beaches, the pier and adjoining beach is usually busy with children playing and swimming.

The houses along the main street through Port Charlotte show an interesting feature: The houses on the shore side are set below the street level with tiny but pretty gardens between the street and the houses.

Further down the road is the Lochindaal Hotel and pub/restaurant, occasionally with live music.

For another view of Port Charlotte you might be interested in this panorama:

Picture of a panoramic view over a village at the sea

A panoramic view over Port Charlotte from Port a Bhàta. This panorama was taken on a mild April evening in 2006 during WalkIslay 2006, a nice view over Port Charlotte from the north.