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My first visit to Islay was in 1998, I have returned every year since then. A lot of the pictures from those visits you will find on my Isle of Islay pages. However, several of them are also on my holiday & travelogue pages. Here's a list of them:
1998 My first visit to Islay. One page with a few pictures from bays and beaches reminds me of my first visit.
1999 My second visit to Islay. A few pictures of cliffs and beaches as well as a visit of the distilleries are the pages I wrote then.
2000 My third visit to Islay. This time I wrote an Overview page as well as a page from my day trip to Jura.
2001 My fourth visit to Islay. This time I prepared a separate page for each day:
2002 My fifth visit was during my World Tour of Scotland. Again there are separate pages for each day:
2003 2003 saw me visiting Islay twice, once in April and then again in July. The first visit was over Easter, when I stayed for three days: The second visit was during the summer, when I invited my mother to join me on Islay:
2004 2004 also saw two visits, again in April and in July. The first visit was for the Islay Walking week in April 2004, where my mother joined me for the week: In July I returned for a view days with my sister:
2005 In 2005 I returned twice again, once in April and once in August. As in the previous years the visit in April was for WalkIslay 2005: August saw me on Islay again for five days:
2006 The plan for 2006 is two visits again: The first visit was in April for the WalkIslay 2006 Islay Walking Week: I returned in August 2006 for a few days:
2007 April 2007 saw me returning to Islay for the fifth Islay Walking Week: In June I returned for another two weeks for a summer on Islay: In October 2007 I returned for my third visit of the year, mainly for some birdwatching:
  • Travelogue to follow
2008 In April 2008 I attended the sixth Islay Walking Week:
  • Travelogue to follow
After a quick stop on the Isle of Gigha I returned for another week in July:
  • Travelogue to follow
My last visit for 2008 was in a stormy October week:
  • Travelogue to follow
The future... To say it with Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'll be back..."
Your travelogue or your pictures? Do you have a travelogue from a visit to the Isle of Islay? Do you have a page with pictures from your visit to Islay you would like to see online? Then please email me through my feedback form. I will take a look at your site and possibly add a link here or create a page with your pictures.
Guest pages Pictures other visitors to Islay sent me: